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Rumi, Jin, Youji and Chiyako have been friends from several years before the story took place. By the end of the series, they have mostly reconciled, but Cher dies suddenly, causing Hubb to cross the Despair Event Horizon , and he spends his last moments cradling her scarf and inhaling her scent. Brick and Cathy are this in Bondage Queen Kate, mainly by the misfortune of both of them being strong dominants. Ureshiko comes over to help him clean once in a while. In the end, they presumably do get divorced amicably, since Tamotsu told Kagura to treat her well.

Dragon Ball Z Abridged actually makes this the reason for the breakup and hookup. Miyuki and Yonamine from Bambino maintain an amicable relationship as co-workers even after their divorce.

Parodied in Silver Spoon. As pictured Nightwing usually stays friends with his exes, which is a good thing since he regularly works with his two most well known ex girlfriends. Omaha the Cat Dancer had the title character being forced to confess that she was married to a long separated man, but never formally divorced.

As it turns out, the man found out about her new notoriety and got in contact with her not to cause trouble, but to arrange a proper divorce which is done on good terms with everyone involved. Tim and Zo remain friends even after he breaks up with her over the phone. Clark Kent and Lana Lang have been great friends after their time as high school sweethearts.

Linda Danvers and Dick Malverne dated for a while in their high school years. They drifted apart when Linda moved out, but they remained friends. We dated for years, all through college. Were were good together. Fred and Daphne in Scooby Apocalypse , though Fred still has feelings for her.

So, out of convenience for their daughter, her father agreed to look after Jonesy while the mother went off to pursue her dream of going to law school. Emery and his ex-wife in The Internship are still on good terms and both take care of their two daughters. Fan Works In Gender Confusion , Deidara and his ex-girlfriend are actually friendly enough that she invites him to her wedding. This is one of the major elements in the Hetalia fic Tizenot , showing how Austria and Hungary got to their current predicament.

Despite this and their eventually moving on to other loves and starting a family, the two remain close friends, with Leia visiting Jack as often as she can. In Kill la Kill AU , we have Ragyo and Soichiro, who actually still love each other and, after the events of Comic 25, seemed to have gotten back together along with the fact that they do live together and spend time together , making that also a case of Divorce Is Temporary.

As such, he and Jane have already met, dated and amicably broken up before Daria moves to town and develops interest in him herself.

They used to be close childhood friends, but their breakup made it impossible for them to be as close as they used to be before they dated each other. Despite being divorced, it is clear that Carl and Inez care for each other greatly. Inez is also friendly with her other ex-husband, Marvin. They end up remarrying. Sara and her ex-husband Roland get along well together.

England and America are different. The English keep civil relations with their exes. The Americans sue them. The conclusion of Mrs.

Doubtfire shows Miranda and Daniel coming to terms with their divorce and ending their custody dispute. This trope is discussed in the closing monologue.

In The Santa Clause , Scott Calvin and his ex-wife came to terms with their divorce and sharing custody of their son Charlie, as well as Scott being the new Santa Claus. Taken even further in the sequel.

In Bon Cop, Bad Cop , David Bouchard still lives in the same house as his ex-wife in a basement apartment and both seem committed to raising their daughter together, sharing meals and attending school recitals together.

Somewhat subverted in that David still has regrets. They remarry in the ten years that elapse before the sequel. Celeste And Jesse Forever: Celeste and Jesse began their separation a couple months before the movie began, and get officially divorced partway through. Despite that, they remain friends throughout the movie. They never get back together, although they both consider it at various times. Apparently they were longtime friends, got married relatively young, and realized they were better as friends.

Paul and Amanda Kirby are very caring and friendly with each other. Instead, there are strong hints that they will get back together. Heck, their actors even still have visible chemistry on screen! On her part Hester never blames him for their unhappy marriage, though she refuses to continue it, and is grateful for his concern. In Doctor Strange Stephen and Christine work together and used to be lovers prior to the start of the film, leading Christine to now follow "The Strange Rule" and not date colleagues, but the two still clearly have feelings for each other and she attempts to help him through his depression after a car accident leaves him unable to use his hands to perform surgery, at least until he pushes her away in an angry outburst and goes off to Nepal searching for a cure.

Literature Variations in Animorphs: Less so in the Little Sister spin-off. Parker himself was Happily Married for over 50 years to his wife Joan. One Day has Dex and Sylvie amicably sharing custody of their daughter and still caring about each other.

As soon as possible, they get divorced, and their relationship goes back to the way it always was. Charlie and Renee in Twilight. An Ed McBain novel began with the protagonist in bed with his ex-wife. The get married to avoid immigration on the promise to divorce as soon as possible, only to find out that this is only allowed with cause which means in Barryaran law, roughly the same as would be familiar on Earth plus "concealed mutation".

And "unfortunately" they had both got along too well together for that to be plausible. David Lurie and his second ex-wife Rosalind from Disgrace , who are still friends and meet up with each other regularly. Rupert and Zinka in Deep Secret were once a couple. They broke up largely due to the sheer strain of being Magids , and remain very good friends. Nathan and Cynthia, in The Memory Wars , dated briefly in college. Though they agree to just remain friends and be involved in raising their kids.

They interact closely late in the series and seem to have a very friendly relationship. Rose suspects that they are getting back together. Though one or two tried to kill him. Calliope and Josh in Hidden Things are extreme examples of this trope.

She even refers to Josh as her best friend. Their relationship is so amicable that virtually every other character at one point or another suggests that they never broke up at all. In Fifty Shades of Grey , Christian is good friends with his ex-domme. There is also the fact that his former submissives are not good friends with him. In Apparatus Infernum , Mikani and Saskia are not on completely relaxed terms, and have a few leftover complaints against each other such as Saskia not letting go of the fact that Mikani once tried to arrest her.

This is noted to be unusual for Mikani, whose numerous ex-girlfriends seldom end up on speaking terms with him. Decidedly defied in Shaman Blues. So when they do fight, they are not bitter about the end of the relationship but angry because the other person foils their plans. In Warrior Cats , Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight eventually get back to being on friendly terms after their breakup: She enthusiastically approves of his new boyfriend.

Live Action TV While they still trade plenty of barbs, Frasier Crane and Lilith Sternin of Cheers and Frasier are on amicable enough terms to have Thanksgiving together without killing each other or anyone else, and when Lilith wants another baby and needs a sperm donor, she comes to Frasier first. In one episode of Frasier both Frasier and Lilith are unknowingly set up on a blind date together. They both end up telling each other that they both have a date.

They both end up canceling them to spend the evening with each other watching a movie, both unaware that they were set up together. Their friends who set them up were unaware of their past relationship. After that, she was considered just as screwy as Lilith, if not more so. Even after some point, Niles and Maris begin to fit this trope, when after the divorce and his marriage to Daphne, Maris comes to him for assistance regarding an abusive boyfriend.

Tyrion with Sansa, asking after her wellbeing in Season 7 when Jon visits Dragonstone. Mon-El and Kara Danvers were forcibly separated when she had to send him into space to save his life. When they meet again, Mon-El has spent seven years in the future and moved on. They even kissed when Phyllis came over to visit Alex for Christmas. Jules and Bobby on Cougar Town get on extremely well, hang out together all the time.

It seems that they both think they work better divorced. Jerry and Elaine were, before the series starts, in a long-term relationship. They get back together after a round of casual sex in one episode of the series, but quickly go back to being strictly friends.

In one episode George dates a woman who still lives with her ex. The New Adventures of Old Christine. Old Christine and her ex-husband, Richard, are the epitome of the Amicably Divorced, tossing deprecatory puns back and forth between them while helping each other sort through their problems. Don Eppes and Liz Warner. How I Met Your Mother:

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