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Jung Foundation Continuing Education courses are five-week courses designed to be informative and stimulating both to the general public and to professionals. Our program offers you the opportunity to study and explore analytical psychology, the works of C. Jung, and fields of related interest. Classes begin the week of October 1, The Shadow 5 consecutive Mondays, 6: Jung and others realized that much natural phenomena that had been labeled esoteric and occult was actually, or also, psychological.

The "royal road" in this new field was found by the new psychoanalysts in dreams. Jung researched approximately 1, dreams of his patients and those of his students each year and found there were recurring structures with consistent aspects, which appeared as the "persons" of the psyche in dreams. In his researches in psyche, Jung began to see a topological model.

These often appeared as objects or persons in dreams and were often projected onto people and situations in the outer world. Shadow is everywhere, yet, as we will see in the model, it is often buried in our studies, given less attention than it deserves, its importance and its archetypal depth overlooked.

Trauma and Dissociated States: A Jungian Perspective 5 consecutive Tuesdays, 7: While reviewing different historical approaches to traumatic states, our focus will be on a Jungian approach to trauma and dissociation, as distinct from repression.

From a Jungian perspective, dissociation is what we are not aware of on a conscious level that is retained by our bodies in a preverbal sense. Specific links between trauma and somatic states, "embodiment," will be explored. In particular we will consider shifts in therapeutic approaches as suggested by Schore, Wilkinson, Levine, and Kalsched. Our conversations will be rooted in suggested readings and clinical material.

Wonders of the Dream World 5 consecutive Thursdays, 6: Maria Taveras, LCSW This workshop on "Painting the Psyche" will be an opportunity to experience and explore archetypal images that emerge from what Jung calls the creative imagination.

We will delve into the depths of the psyche to render in paint a visual of the dream image and to amplify what the dream world so wondrously reflects to us. With watercolors as our medium and paintbrushes as our instruments, we will depict a dimension that is extraordinarily difficult to discern. We will rediscover the dream world and give form, in detail, to its expressions and engage in an in-depth elaboration of what it so profoundly implies and portends.

Together as a group, we will share our felt experiences of the creative process. Watercolors, brushes, and paper will be provided. Classes begin the week of November 5, Passion: Jung has much to say about how we can create a new channel for passion in work and relationships, in order to be creatively engaged and involved in our lives.

Experience, Conceptualization and Buddhist Practice 5 consecutive Tuesdays, 6: Suzanne Ironbiter, PhD "Like the related ideas of atman and tao in the East, the idea of the self is at least in part a product of cognition, grounded neither on faith nor on metaphysical speculation but on the experience that under certain conditions the unconscious spontaneously brings forth an archetypal symbol of wholeness. From this we must conclude that some such archetype occurs universally and is endowed with a certain numinosity.

Buddhist meditation practices, studies and ethics are the path to that insight. Cynthia Poorbaugh, MFA, LP In a letter to Freud, Jung wrote how astrology gave him a clue to "core psychological truths" of a patient with whom he was working, and "that the signs of the zodiac are character pictures, in other words libido symbols which depict the typical qualities of the libido at a given moment. Other Jungians have more recently addressed the archetypal level of typology. We will look at how the interrelated symbols in the natal chart-the planets in the signs-address the nuances and complexity of typology and explain some of the deeper archetypal underpinnings of our conscious orientation.

We will examine the natal charts of Freud and Jung, other public figures, and charts you bring to class. He is a supervising analyst on the faculty of the C. A life-long student and teacher of Buddhism, he is an ordained lay Buddhist priest and a designated Dharma Master. He has lectured nationally and internationally in the field of Jungian studies. Her writing and teaching explore Indo-Tibetan philosophy and contemplative practice as a basis for artistic culture, spiritual connection, and ecological action.

Her poetry collections include How Fish Learn, Devi: She is a teacher and supervisor, and has presented papers on art and astrology at psychoanalytic training colloquia and international conferences. She has previously taught for the C. Jung Foundation of New York. He is the author of the book The Career as a Path to the Soul. He is a longtime member of the Foundation faculty and has a private practice in New York City.

She has a special interest in dream interpretation and creative process. As a keynote speaker at the conference of the Moscow Association for Analytical Psychology, she was invited to present a retrospective survey of the Dream Art that she has created over the last 25 years. General Information Location Programs are held at the C.

Registration The full fee must be paid at time of registration. You may register online below, using your Amazon account , by mail or fax use registration form, below , or by telephone: Or you can register in person at the C. Jung Foundation, Monday—Thursday Seating is limited and early purchase of tickets is strongly recommended.

You can complete your registration online simply by paying through your Amazon account. If you pay online please also email to us your name, address, email and the name of the class for which you have paid Fall I classes.

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