Dating via meetup

I never give a bad first date a second chance. It stemmed from a series of bad second dates following bad first dates. I asked myself, why bother? I thought my gut reaction during a first date was pretty accurate so I just went with that.

I recently had an experience, though, that has me wondering if my rule is perhaps too rigid. My shift in position is based on an interaction rather than a date but I think the principle applies. I arrive at a meetup.

Finish reading and commenting on this post and then immediately go to meetup. Whatever your hobby or favorite weekend activity comedy clubs, bird watching, hiking, canasta, you name it , you will find groups of people making plans to do it. Best yet, it is almost always FREE! Back to my story. I am not even from the Bay Area but I searched meetup.

I swear I am not getting paid by meetup. On to the story… I walk into the restaurant and meander over to an organized looking group of about 20 people and confirm it is my meetup group. I plant myself at a table of seven or eight people and sit next to an attractive gentleman. After he exchanges pleasantries with everyone at the table for a few minutes, Mr. Attractive turns his attention to me and we dive into a more private conversation.

I am thinking I would definitely like to go out with him. During a lull in our conversation, another man at the table makes a comment about his experience on match. Attractive is being to me, right there in front of everyone. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and, in my head, rename Mr.

Rude or really because of him , I now have a girlfriend in the Bay Area. A week later, while still in the Bay Area, I attend a big singles mixer at an extremely posh hotel. Two hundred plus people are in attendance. About an hour into the event, guess who comes up to me? He has no idea he was rude and he wants to know what he said that made me feel that way. We proceed to spend the next hour dissecting the conversation, me telling him how I took his comment and he explaining what he meant.

I start liking him again. By the end of the evening, he asks me out. More importantly than a potential date with Mr. By limiting a guy to a single coffee date, am I missing out on getting to know a really great guy? Maybe I am being too harsh. I am not sure, but over the course of the next few months I may soften my stance to see what happens. Until next week, happy dating or not dating.

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