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Our project is driven by member interest, so tell your neighbors to get signed up today and help bring fiber to your community. In the meantime, help us continue to spread the word. Like us on Facebook and be sure to like and share out posts.

Remember, we use the preregistration information collected at join. In order to keep our preregistrations accurate, we will be deleting duplicate preregistrations.

Help keep things on track and remind people to only preregister once. A customer service representative can confirm your Elevate preregistration. Thank you for supporting Elevate — we look forward to bringing you the fastest and more reliable internet around! We had an amazing turnout from the Montrose community members and surrounding areas. Members were able to preregister for Elevate service, demo 1 Gig 1, Mbps internet, visit with our local reps and get answers to their DMEA and Elevate questions, and were even able to check out construction equipment that is being used during the fiber build.

Wondering when your community will get service? Visit the "Zones" tab at join. Make sure to preregister as well and to tell your friends, neighbors, and family to preregister too.

Hwy 92 Crawford, CO. The Coffee Trader, S. Free an open to the public. Come and go as you please. The cold temperatures have slowed down our underground construction work. Our team is working quickly, but frozen ground has slowed our pace for connecting homes with underground services. We appreciate your patience and continued support.

The clock is ticking so get out there and spread the word. What are you waiting for? Visit our Facebook page to share the competition on your own wall with friends and family.

And remember, the big guy in the red suit is watching, so no cheating. Thank you for supporting Elevate and helping bring fiber to our rural communities! Submit up to 3 photos and email them to elevateadventures elevatefiber. For the youngsters—10 and younger—show us your best artwork by joining the adventure coloring contest. Stop by any DMEA office to pick up a coloring sheet or download by clicking here. Winners will be announced Just as they do every October, the co-op is celebrating National Cooperative Month with something special just for members.

This year, we really wanted to focus on families because, at DMEA, we pride ourself on being one big co-op family. DMEA members received a coupon in their September member newsletter which can be cut out and redeemed for free admission at the rec center of their choice on Friday, October 13 starting at 4: Coupons can also be picked up at either DMEA office during normal business hours.

In addition to full access to each rec center, Members will also be treated to a free dinner of hot dogs, chips, cookies, and a drink while supplies last. DMEA has partnered with two local non-profits to help provide the meals. Our booth will be jam-packed with great beer, awesome prizes, FREE WiFi, and a team to answer all of your questions about the fastest internet in town.

Learn more at our Facebook Event Page. We need to keep the momentum going and need your help. Stop by any DMEA office during normal business hours and pick up our new referral cards to hand out to your friends and family. Once you are both preregistered for service you will BOTH be put in our monthly drawing to win a cool prize.

Pick up your referral cards today for your chance to win! These qualities make Montrose and the surrounding areas a great place to live, work, and play. But the way we live and work continues to evolve and it will be more important than ever for us to move forward and stay connected.

The video celebrates what makes our region great: The exceptional speeds, coupled with the changing dynamics of how people work, have created communities ripe with potential for economic advancement.

Elevate Fiber was started because our members had a need for quality high-speed internet and now that it has become a reality well off to a start we have the opportunity for long-term sustainability for our beauitful area. One more reason for us to celebrate our home! Elevate is excited to celebrate our home, our future, our members, and this video is one way that we are making the celebration a great one. Thank you to all of our members for the continued support!

The introduction of the project was one of the most exciting moments for DMEA and our members. The story has always been the same—our members asked us provide high-speed internet to our area. We listened and we acted. Without the passion and support of our members, we could not have brought the company to life. It has been overwhelming to see members from all parts of our service territory express their need for high-speed internet and their appreciation for our efforts.

Fiber builds are expensive, time consuming, frustrating, rewarding, and more. Every day brings something new and it is not always easy making sure all members have the chance to be involved in the project updates.

We send a sincere thanks to every single member for their continued support, even during the challenges and frustrations. We are proud to say that before we hit one year of the project being live, we have connected more than 1, members to Elevate Fiber. To continue to be successful, we will constantly evaluate the construction process, how we install the fiber to communities boring underground vs. There was no way that one year ago we could have predicted every bump or the outpouring of member requests to get fiber to their area first.

The realities of construction and member feedback have changed how we complete the work. We know it can be frustrating for people to realize that their community may not be able to get fiber this year. With more than 3, miles of fiber to build across Montrose and Delta counties, it will take years to provide service in all DMEA communities.

The success in the areas that already have service is contagious. Which zones will be next? Fiber is being delivered first to communities who have shown the most interest by preregistering at join. However, this is just one way we evaluate when and where Elevate can build. The end goal is to provide access to our network to every DMEA member, but there must be interest from the members and the incoming revenue from areas that have service to support the continued build.

One year down and many more ahead, but that has always been the reality of this project. An entire fiber project cannot be built overnight or even within two years. The continued patience and support of our members is what will make Elevate a long-term success. Communities in construction Home and business installations are currently taking place in multiple zones. If you live in one of the zones listed below, it is extremely important to contact us as soon as possible.

Call , visit join. We need more active members in this area. If you are already signed up, tell a neighbor to not miss getting connected.

Communities coming soon — make ready Our goal is to get multiple areas in this stage over the next few months. The make ready stage is when our crews come into the area and lay the main network and bring fiber to each meter on the outside of a home or business.

You can follow how close your community is to reaching its goal by visiting join. The first step to bringing fiber to your community is to reach the set goal—become a champion for your community to help spread the word—just ask us how. Stay updated and show your support Follow our Updates section at join. Having a solid, reliable, future-proof network will change the way we live, work, and play. Elevate Fiber is here and moving at 1 Gig speeds. Our project efforts took home the highest honor possible— Edgar F.

Most importantly, this award would not have been possible without the support of our membership, so thank you. As we have said before, you asked, and we listened. Elevate was launched almost a year ago at the Annual Meeting of Members in Montrose. Over these short 12 months, DMEA, Elevate, and all our amazing members have created something so much more than just an internet solution for our area. We have thrived together; supported each other; put on events and raised awareness to get people engaged.

Without all our members being active and asking questions—we would not be where we are today. So, again, thank you members. Our members have a need and we are here to deliver, just like we did with electricity years ago. Thank you to our members and board for their continued support of this monumental project. Check out the spotlight video from the conference below. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and share this with your friends and family.

Who has just one device think about smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs? And who is okay settling because nothing else is available? Not only is Elevate delivering truly high-speed internet options, we are building the most reliable, future-proof network with fiber.

You may have asked yourself why do I need more speed?

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