Dating a cancerian girl

Just wanna brush up on a few things with you. Think someone said above in the comments that cancerians are cheats. Well to clear things up yes we can be thats only because we find it hard to commit to others and loved ones.

Also can very cold heartless passive aggressive an definitely manipulative. We also lie a lot to protect others as cancerians divert from stress an dramas. But also to sum things up this zodiac sign can be very loving and with the right girl in our life we would do anything for them even die for them if we had to.

Cancerians are strong on the outside but soft on the inside.. Dan - Oct 3: Zodiac of cancer since February He told me he seen his ex two weeks ago and they had sex last weekend.

We are long distances so something was bound to happen Right? I appreciate the honesty. He told me he been feeling bad about it. He asked me to give him time to do some thinking. We use to talk daily no matter the time of day. Please help me on this.

Maybe our readers can offer some suggestions for you. ExploreAstrology - Sep Teaz - Sep Worst mistake of my life. He never gave me the emotional support I needed. And since he was so secretive he wound up cheating on me for a while. I have an eye for a Gemini male. He was moody flighty quick to lie and go into his shell. Could not communicate his feelings and was also manipulative. The mood swings and cheating ended it for me. I am friendly outgoing and if cheated on. I literally die emotionally staying in a fake relationship Terri - Aug DressedCrab - 7-Aug Recently took a liking to a male Cancer.

We are almost a split image. Almost all our likes an dislikes are similar. Hes easy to talk to. Weve never dated a Cancer an decided we both wanted to try.. Never thought Id meet someone so similar an compatible. Rose - 6-Aug 3: Colly - May I believe no matter ur sign, ur relationship cab still work out. How can I get him back? Cookie - 1-May 3: It seems as if he is afraid love me. Princess - 2-Apr I Had to step out of a relationship with a cancer man One minute he loved me then he would put me down.

I found once a cancer man gets with you he tends to be silent to himself. I loved me more so I let him go. I barely talk to him. Now I know why any relationship he got into she ran JJ - Mar 9: She is a mystery on itself and I want to find out more. Joesomebody - Mar 4: I love him very much.

GG - Jan 5: But hope to be in the future. I know i can be very moody but I am also a very kind caring loving person. D - Dec 3: Now, I am afraid to commit myself to anyone for fear that it will happen again.

When I love, I love very, very hard and very, very deep. I am overflowing with love and I need to be able to share it with a man who is not afraid to be loved. I am at a loss. What shall I do? But the fights became something else,we always arguing,I ask him about his promotion at work,He got mad and told me to my face that he was tired of me.

I really dunno what went wrong. But I still love him. I love him still. I dunno,should I call him??? Emy - Nov 6: Fati - 1-Oct 9: I wanna a know about a a cancer-cancer love anne - Aug 7: It fits almost to a tee. Bigcat54 - Jun 4: Kosgei - May 2: Also, they say that Aquarians and Taurueans are no good together, but my grandma and grandpa are just that and have been together since high school.

My best friend is cancerian. Always looks for approval, a bit introverted, not too faithful, and he can be quick to lie. Not all cancerians are bad. My friend is sensual and sentimental, very open hearted yet closed off, dominant but denpendant at the same time. He will give and he will take. Flaws come with the territory. No one is perfect so try to comprehend that and just accept it as it is. But they always Give a full love to every person who near them Cause we just Cancer.

And we live with and an idea of love. So we just craving For love.. Like we do For them I invariably end up screaming at them in a way I rarely do with anyone else except perhaps Sagittarius. Unfortunately if you have been lumped together with them at work it is very difficult to avoid, but they - and some Cancer women, as it happens - end up filling the atmosphere with their noxiousness.

Kari - Dec 7: CancerCanDo - Oct One cancer man was enuff for me! Way jealous for my fun loving self. Even got weird wen I wore eye shadow saying I was doing it to flirt! He started stealing every joy I had so adios and never again! Plus he was a cheater to top it off. Not worth all the work!

"I Work First, Love After" The first secret to know about a Capricorn in love is that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Capricorn person. Only. Whether you are a Cancer (June 22nd-July 23rd) looking for love or a person in love with a Cancer, knowing what Cancers want and need from a relationship is very important. Certain signs are more compatible with other signs, but even the less compatible signs can work on their relationship if they.

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