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CSI went to become the most watched series in the US and around the world, lasting 15 seasons and spawning three spinoffs while going through three leading men and two leading ladies. How did that ending come about? We actually met there 16 years later, same table, same party of four. And William Peterson pulled out this research folder that dealt with sea shepherd. This is a gentleman that goes along the ocean and does things in terms of keeping the ocean safe.

We knew we wanted to start with him on a boat. Then we started to think about ending with him on the boat. And it just organically happened. We knew right away that if we were going to grab Gil on a boat to start his arc it only was fitting to end there. The metaphor of them driving off into the sunset happened in the moment. Why did you make it the centerpiece of the finale? Did you always know that the two of them would end up together or you did it for the fans? This one really was for the fans.

And overwhelmingly it really was a sufficient closure between Grissom and Sara. We knew that we would be going that route. We had to complicate that fantasy, and that was the reason to put Lady Heather in the middle because she suddenly became this other option that Grissom had been wrangling with over the course of many seasons, much to the point where a lot of the audience was convinced, and maybe even Grissom himself, that Lady Heather is the one that actually has his heart.

Why was she picked for such a key part in the movie, turning it into a love triangle story? I had the early idea to put a detonations up and blow up a casino, I thought that was something different. I believe the Bruckheimer camp had the idea about Lady Heather. At first my response was I rejected that idea. What happens to Catherine?

Does she get the Lab Director job with Sara gone? We had that scene and we cut it. We felt like, once Catherine told DB Russell that she was thinking about putting her hat in the ring and once we saw Sara actually commit to be with Grissom on the boat and drive off, audience would put two and two together that Catherine would be the one to run the lab happily ever after.

If there is a CSI: Will Gil and Sara still be roaming the seas? They would probably have children and they would dedicate their lives to the betterment of humanity.

In terms of the other characters, probably Catherine would still be running the crime lab, Bass probably would retire, living somewhere in Hawaii, and DB probably is working in the private sector in Washington DC. And I think that all these characters would still have their toe in the crime water.

Not for the foreseeable future. How was writing the finale similar and different from writing the pilot 15 years ago? What is next for you? For me, what excites me about the business is telling stories.

CSI was fortunate enough to tell global stories for procedurals and scripted programming. So the next venture for me is taking on a childhood fantasy of mine, which is to write a musical for Broadway. As an only child living in Las Vegas I used to play records, act out roles in my living room with a wooden spoon and pretend I was all the characters.

Nothing in my opinion is greater than live theater, and I love nothing more than music, so I look forward to trying to bring a new level of storytelling to the world in terms of the venue of Broadway.

Aug 17,  · CSI- Greg and Morgan (Morganders)- True Greg & Morgan (CSI Las Vegas) - Say Here's What Outlander's Jamie and Claire's Online Dating Profiles Would Say - Duration: At the same time, Catherine, Greg, and Morgan risk their lives disarming the next bomb in a Las Vegas sky-rise. They succeed, as does Grissom, calling Dalton’s bluff and having him arrested. Sara accepts the top job at the crime lab (Russell is leaving for DC), but has a change of heart and – in the last moments of the series – races to.

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