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There were no signs that they has plans to do anything violent. We did see that he had been radicalised, at least in part. But not so much that we ever thought he would commit an atrocity like this.

According to Mo magazine, the two brothers, and Bilal Hadfi were among names of suspected extremists held by the OCAD Belgian intelligence service. Of the seven people arrested by Belgian police during the first 48 hours of the investigation, five, including Mohamed Abdeslam, have been released without charge. The remaining suspects, who have not yet been named, have been charged with terrorism offences. Maybe it was stress.

It was found abandoned 20 minutes away in Montreuil with a cache of weapons inside. The Cafe Voltaire bomb was one of seven deadly attacks carried out by jihadists on a night of bloodshed in Paris.

Minutes after Ibrahim launched his solo attack, another group of militants - believed to be three men and a woman - armed with AKs stormed the Bataclan music hall and began shooting members of the crowd. Survivors claim three blew themselves up and a fourth person was shot dead by police before they could detonate their bomb. The game was being watched by 80, spectators, among them was President Francois Hollande who had to be evacuated from the stadium.

Ahmed Almohammad, 25, from Syria approached the stadium with a match ticket. He was turned away from Gate D after being frisked by a security guard. He backed away from the gate and detonated his vest, killing one other person.

A passport was found near his body. A second suicide bomber, Bilal Hadfi, 20, blew himself up near Gate H at 9. No one else was reported killed. The gunmen were using Kalashnikov AK assault rifles. From there, the militants drove around a mile south-east — apparently past the area of the Bataclan concert venue — to launch another attack, this time on La Belle Equipe bar in Rue de Charonne.

At least 19 people died after the terrace was sprayed with bullets at 9. He hired a black Seat car used in the attack, which was found later abandoned with three assault rifles, along with five full magazines. The killers had emptied 11 magazines, firing an estimated rounds. The boom caused terror among spectators who had already been attempting to flee the stadium following the first two explosions. The attacker who detonated his suicide vest was identified as a year-old French man living in Belgium.

He is released after he shows his ID and returns to the Jihadi hotspot of Molenbeek in Brussels where he vanishes. Belgian police launch several anti-terror raids after Abdeslam was identified as having rented a VW Polo used by the Bataclan killers which was found abandoned nearby.

Ferry tickets reveal he travelled with another man named as Mohammed Almuhamed. However, the French minister of justice Christiane Taubira said on Sunday that the passport under the name Ahmed Almohammad was a fake. The petty criminal and father-of-one was known to police as a radical and had travelled to Algeria and Syria.

He was identified by the fingerprint on a severed digit found after he detonated his suicide belt. Mostefai is believed to have been radicalised by a Belgian hate preacher of Moroccan descent claimed to have regularly preached at his mosque in South West France.

His father, a brother and other family members have been held and are being questioned. Seven people were detained in Belgium linked to the atrocities. Iraqi spies warned the West of an ISIS suicide bomber threat the day before the Paris atrocities, it was revealed on Sunday, as more details of major intelligence failures began to emerge.

The US-led coalition in Syria was apparently told by Iraqi security sources that 24 extremists were involved in the terror operation planned in the ISIS capital Raqqa and it would involve 19 attackers including five others including bombmakers and planners.

No detail was given of when or where an attack might take place. French and Belgian police are still hunting for three gunmen on the run, including Abdeslam, and an ISIS bombmaker likely to have made the suicide vests. An international arrest warrant has been issued for Abdeslam, 26, who is accused of renting a Volkswagen Polo used by the suicide bombers.

It emerged on Sunday night that police found Abdeslam near the Belgian border early Saturday but let him go after he showed them his ID card. Officers pulled over the car being driven by Abdelslam on Saturday morning on the A2 motorway between Paris and Brussels. Two other men were also in the car.

At the time, officers in Paris knew that Abdeslam had rented the car used by the killers which had been abandoned near the theatre but the information had not been transmitted to those responsible for conducting the border checks. Ten fighter jets were involved, dropping 20 bombs. French and Belgian police have conducted more than anti-terror raids, including a botched attempt to capture Abdelsam, who is still on the run.

One of his brothers, Ibrahim Abdeslam, 31, was one of seven terrorists who died on Friday night after he blew himself up in a solo attack outside cafe Comptoir Voltaire. He had rented a black Seat found yesterday in Paris packed with AKs and ammunition.

The third sibling, Mohammed Abdeslam, was in custody in Belgium last night after being arrested in a Brussels, where the ISIS terror cell may have met before the raid to gather automatic weapons and suicide vests. Seven people have been detained in Belgium linked to the atrocities - three at the border and four in Brussels. Police revealed today they had found the other vehicle used in the terror attacks — a black Seat Leon - abandoned in the Montreuil area of France.

A police car patrols the Molenbeek district of Brussels today after seven arrests in Belgium linked to the Paris terror attack in the past 24 hours It has emerged that a car rented by Salah Abdeslam was abandoned by the Bataclan Theatre, while a Seat rented by his brother Ibrahim was dumped in Montreull with three AKs and some ammunition.

One of Bataclan suspects was found carrying a Syrian passport under the name Ahmed Almuhamed who travelled to France as a migrant through Greece and blew himself up at the Stade de France. Greek ferry tickets reveal he travelled to Europe with another man named as Mohammed Almuhamed.

This morning French security sources claimed the fourth terrorist now identified is Frenchman Samy Aminour, 28, after a series of raids on addresses on the Parisian suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis and Bobigny linked to his family overnight. Police believe he was a part of the team of four terrorists who killed 89 at the Bataclan rock gig.

He is said to have been known to French anti-terror police since when he was prosecuted for trying to flee France for Yemen. The French interior ministry confirmed that anti-terror police conducted raids across the country overnight.

They have arrested dozens of people following the deadly attacks in Paris on Friday. Heavily armed tactical units launched dozens of raids in Toulouse, Grenoble, Calais and two Paris suburbs. Serbian media says this is year-old Ahmed Almuhamed, left and right, whose Syrian passport is pictured, who blew himself up at the Bataclan concert hall and is believed to have sneaked into France with another terrorist by posing as refugees from Syria Suspect: This is Osseghem metro station in the Molenbeek neighbourhood of Brussels where several suspects were arrested yesterday Masked Belgian anti-terror policemen searched for suspects in Molenbeek area of Brussels in connection with the deadly Paris attacks Officers searched the Molenbeek area of Brussels pictured , which is home to a large Turkish and Moroccan community, after a parking ticket found on a grey VW Polo parked outside the Bataclan theatre in Paris was found to have been issued from the Brussels district They have arrested dozens of suspects and have seized a cache of weapons including a rocket launcher.

Moroccan-born gunman Khazzani, 26, lived with his sister in Molonbeek, Brussels, weeks before his attempted attack on the Thalys train. He stayed with his sister, who lives on the same road where two of the arrests were made in relation to the Paris attacks. The sister was questioned by anti-terror detectives in Brussels. Now part of their investigation is around whether El Khazzani and the suspects planned the separate attacks.

This is quite a small community where everyone knows each other. The alleged mastermind behind a plot to kidnap and behead a policeman in the street-inspired by Lee Rigby murder- Abdelhamid Abaaoud -was from Molenbeek. The plot was foiled by Belgian police in January. Belgian Prime Minster Charles Michel admitted the Molenbeek area has been a major security problem for many years.

He told VRT television today:

The term "seeing someone" can be quite baffling, not only to the friends and families of the people who are seeing each other, but also to the couple themselves. Many people struggle to determine exactly what the phrase means, while forgetting that the most important part of sharing your life with someone else is having open lines of communication. What does it mean when a girl says she wants to date a guy? There are billions of guys and girls in this world and its hard to generalize what one person says as what all guys/girls are thinking? I would say at this point when a guys says he wants to date a girl, that he literally wants to date a girl and get to know her more in some way or another.

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