Dating an airborne ranger

Reply Link Pace November 6, , 4: The scheduling of Airborne school varies. Due to the large amount of individuals quitting and wasting an Airborne School slot, they rescheduled Airborne training at one point. Stacey November 6, , 3: Reply Link Denzel May 9, , What should I expect….

Tell yourself every day that you can quit tomorrow and then Ranger on. Reply Link Jennifer July 5, , 2: I am curious if during either school he will have weekends or nights off, or phone privileges? He wants me to move if he does so we can be closer together. He was told that when he enters RASP our move should be covered by the army. Is this true and if I move a bit earlier can the move be reimbursed? Oh and how long is holding before RASP?

Reply Link Stacey July 14, , 1: They used to get weekends off during Airborne — not sure if that is still the case. RASP hold can vary based on all kinds of things — impossible to predict. As far as moving, the Army will pay for all PCS moves. Reply Link aJ July 16, , Phones are returned on Phase 2.

Reply Link Krysta July 11, , We have gotten mixed information from his 1SG and from his recruiters his recruiters actually went through RIP. His 1SG says we will not get any contact etc,.

His recruiters said that because we are married, that we will get to see each other and I could technically move to wherever he is stationed, in that current ranger battalion. I have read through much of the forums and the faq on the Armyranger. If you could let me know what will and will not be allowed… that would be most helpful. They have a pretty strict training schedule and of course, deploy often, but outside of that, you can talk to him and see him when you want. Reply Link Pace July 17, , 9: Reply Link jackson November 27, , Reply Link Brianna August 7, , Will this be possible?

Reply Link Stacey Abler August 11, , My husband was told his BN assignment just before graduation.

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