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The Vindfamne, a replica knarr The longship and knarr enabled Vikings to embark on far-reaching military and trading expeditions. The Vikings were Northern European seafarers and adventurers who, during the Middle Ages , relied on sailing vessels such as longships , knerrir , and karvi to explore, raid, pirate, trade, and settle along the North Atlantic , Baltic , Mediterranean , Black Sea , and Caspian coasts and Eastern European river systems. These themes include magic, mysticism, shamanism , Viking sea voyages, Christian legends, and ballads and dance songs.

Attila Csihar of Mayhem , a formative band in the second wave of black metal Black metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music that, mostly in Europe, emerged from speed metal and thrash metal in the s. A "first wave" began in the early to mids, through the work of bands such as Venom , Hellhammer , Celtic Frost , Mercyful Fate , and Bathory.

A key development during that period was a guitar playing style featuring fast, un- muted tremolo picking or "buzz picking", [33] introduced by Euronymous of Mayhem and Snorre Ruch "Blackthorn" of Thorns.

The use of Viking themes and imagery in hard rock and heavy metal music predates the advent of Viking metal. What matters to Manowar is untamed masculinity, and the Vikings are for them merely the archetypal barbarian males. Keyboards are commonly used by Viking metal artists, and are often played at a "swift, galloping pace".

The term "Viking metal" has sometimes been used as a nickname for the s Norwegian black metal scene, which was "noisy, chaotic, and often augmented by sorrowful keyboard melodies". Sami Perttula of Korpiklaani.

Viking metal often uses folk instruments, though not as extensively as the related genre of folk metal. Overall, Viking metal is hard to define since, apart from certain elements like anthem-like choruses, it is not based entirely on musical features and overlaps with other metal genres, with origins in black and death metal [59] Some bands, such as Unleashed and Amon Amarth , play death metal, but incorporate Viking themes and thus are labeled as part of the genre.

Rather than being a mock-up of medieval music , "it is in the band names, album titles, artwork of album covers and, especially, in the song lyrics that Viking themes are so evident. Starting with the album Blood Fire Death , one of the first definitive Viking metal releases, Bathory incorporated a diverse range of musical elements.

Faroese ballads typically involve unusual time signatures, most commonly 7 4 or the alternative rhythms 12 8 or 9 8. Images of Viking ships and seascapes are commonly invoked by Viking metal artists. Instead, Viking bands limit themselves mainly to the use of Norse mythology as a textual source, which they often augment with stylized shanty-like melodies that are meant to evoke apropos images".

Although the majority of Viking metal bands Unlike folk metal bands drawing from other mythologies, bands using Norse mythology as text have no musical-historical examples to augment their illusion. The first type "is largely stepwise in motion with many repeated note figures", is frequently in minor key , and is primarily sung in unison. Thematically, Viking metal draws extensively on elements of black metal, but the lyrics and imagery are pagan and Norse rather than anti-Christian or Satanic.

The first is one of romanticism and escapist ideas, where bands cultivate an image of strength and barbarism and quote passages from various poems and sagas. The imagery in Viking metal draws upon the material culture created during the Viking Age, but according to Trafford and Pluskowski it also "encompasses the broad semiotic system favored by many black and death metal bands, not least of all the exultation of violence and hyper-masculinity expressed through weapons and battlefields".

Keevill explains that "while bands have used [Viking mythology] as the basis for their musical existence He contends that this attack was merely an opportunistic raid, not a concerted attack on the growing power of Christianity, [] and that the terms "heathen" and "pagan" historically did not necessarily mean "anti-Christian", but that the people in question did not fit under a denominational label.

Traditional instruments like the violin or flute are used more often in pagan than in Viking metal music. Women musicians are not common among Viking metal bands.

The Viking image in popular understanding is that of hypermasculinity , and thus Viking metal is inherently patriarchal. The roots of Viking metal are generally found in Scandinavian metal, particularly the death and black metal scenes of the late s. Inspired by the Viking themes used by Manowar, some bands identified with the Vikings far more completely than Manowar.

When bipolar stoner man-child Ben learns his father has died, he and his womanizing best friend head to the family farm, which has been . Viking metal is a style of heavy metal music characterized by a lyrical and thematic focus on Norse mythology, Norse paganism, and the Viking metal is quite diverse as a musical style, to the point where some consider it more a cross-genre term than a genre, but it is typically seen as black metal with influences from Nordic folk music.

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