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This lamp is the Model VL1 vase lamp dating from It was their main source of light for 20 years. The burner head and old Tilley globe is from the VL1 lamp above. It was used on all indoor models that required a gallery and provision for a shade. It is not much quieter than the normal burner, which lacks the upper flanges. Solder and rivets hold the burner and gallery so that it is not easy to make a replacement of just the gallery.

Another Model VL1, the vase on this lamp is Saxe Blue, another of the six colors produced for this lamp by Bretby art pottery. The vases ares very collectable in their own right. Another Tilley lamp, this is model IL37, made between This is a candlepower single burner version of their CL71 outdoor chandelier. It has a sliding counter balance weight on the back arm and a swiveling reflector so that the light can be directed to some extent.

A peg under the fount allows for stand mounting although they have never seen this. This indoor model has opal shades; the fount holds 2. One or both burners could be used on this lamp; the lamp would run for 10 hrs. This model was sold with a fancy cloth shade with a deep fringe. Image courtesy of Neil McRae. Above are two copper Tilley ML93 founts. Model IL 33 is a cp kerosene donut lamp that was manufactured between The small brass shield soldered to the fount identifies these lamps as being made between The image on the right is of the filler cap which has a provision for a pump attachment to pressurize the fount, a system used in all Tilley donut models.

These Model TL 11 table lamps date to , left, and , right; a different, post valve is visible on the latter. The lamp on the left is chrome plated while the one on the right is painted gold. This indoor wall bracket cp lamp is Model WL25 which was manufactured between Another Tilley wall bracket lamp, this is Model WL The lamp in the center and its gallery right are steel construction.

Tilley used steel for the Hospital lamp and PL53 lanterns from but never for table lamps so this lamp is a mystery. The gallery is a unique design that may not have been made by Tilley. Above is a cut-away view of a Tilley pressure indicator. The lamp user only sees the top of the moveable piston, 1, within the housing protruding through the top of the fount, 2. As air is pumped into the fount, pressure on the copper air bladder, 3, causes the piston, 4, to rise which the user sees from above as it approaches an equal level with the sleeve to indicate adequate pressure.

The late Steve Winicates helped in creating this cut-away view.

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