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Is the new director term limit law for condominium associations retroactive? I am a new director for my homeowners association. We have a few owners who have failed to pay their quarterly assessments. What is the process to collect these unpaid assessments? I recently received an e-mail from my condominium association asking for a key to my unit. I have a problem with the board having a key to my unit. Am I required to provide a key? Can the association enter my unit at any time?

FL September 16, Q: Do rules adopted by the board of directors have to be recorded in the public record? Townhomes are OK; residents are back FL September 15, Residents of eight Wynchase townhomes in Fore Ranch have finally returned home after multiple sinkholes rendered their dwellings unsafe. Bradley Pomp, a spokesman for Sentry Management, which oversees the townhomes, told the Star-Banner that repair work is finished, the buildings are structurally sound, and the City of Ocala has approved occupancy.

Read the article……………… Is new term limit restriction retroactive? FL September 15, Q: As the owner of a coachhouse with a private one-car garage, do I have the right to call a towing company to remove a vehicle that is parked in front of my garage and is blocking me from leaving my home? I recently needed medicine in the middle of the night and was being blocked by a car, and the emergency on call department for the management company told me to call the police to ticket the car, and Most of the 26 miles of beaches are already privately owned.

As of July 1, homeowners with beachfront property in Walton County can declare their beach private and off limits to the How to determine the number of directors that should be on condominium board FL September 9, Q: Our condominium board has five directors serving, but our bylaws state that the board is comprised of seven directors. The board is claiming that there are no vacancies, but we are asking the board to appoint two new directors.

We have been notified of a special assessment meeting by our condominium association. The notification says that the purpose of this assessment is for expenses over and above those that were anticipated by the annual budget due to hurricane damage, which included: Recently I needed to have my minor grandchild come live with me.

Shortly after, I received a letter from the association informing me I was in violation of its age 55 and over guidelines. I investigated this and learned that while the community advertises as 55 and over, the amendment that sought to impose the restriction was not approved by sufficient vote, but the association has been following the amendment anyway. They are now taking another vote to impose Large depression in Pasco County neighborhood may be bigger than originally thought FL September 5, Two New Port Richey homes are still marked unsafe after a depression opened up between them.

Officials are calling the hole a depression and said it opened in a gated community between two homes on Dorian Ct.

Watch the news report…………….. I recently purchased a unit at a condominium association that has been around for about 20 years. I have lived in condominiums before and decided to review our governing documents. I want to bring it up at our next board When residents complained, the developer told members of the Alaqua Lakes Community Association that the roads were simply old and that residents were overwatering their lawns and the runoff from water was flowing underneath the roads and causing them to fall apart, according to court documents and What can be done about speeding vehicles in community?

FL September 2, Q: The speed limit in our community is 25 mph. We received numerous reports of speeding in excess of 50 mph. I personally witnessed a car almost hit a resident and her dog at a very high speed.

The worst offenders appear to be vendors and high school kids. What can be done? At a recent board meeting, the new board, which was elected a few months ago, discussed the status of all committees and made a motion to disband all of the committees, including the landscape committee, and stated that the board would be handling all such Cost of attorney review of contract is usually money well spent FL September 1, Question: I live in a unit condominium.

A notice has now been posted telling us that all buildings will soon be painted, and that neither the association nor the vendor will be responsible for any How can somebody sue themselves or put a judgment on themselves? Read the article……………… Clearwater condo fire displaces 25 residents, injures 3 firefighters FL August 28, A fire early Tuesday morning forced 25 residents from their homes at a Clearwater condo complex.

The fire broke out around 3: Smoke and flames were coming from the roof over four condos when firefighters arrived. Firefighters believe the air conditioning units on the roof started the fire. Whittall said that additional paperwork due to mold, asbestos and lead remediation must be completed and that will happen early next week.

Read the article……………… Boat lift specifications changed, does homeowner have to comply? August 26, Q: I live in a homeowners association located next to a waterway. In the Board of Directors adopted rules allowing boat lifts to be installed with canopies on the boat docks.

The rules included certain detailed specifications regarding the height of the lift, how far out of the water the boat must be raised and the height of the canopies. In I purchased a boat and installed a boat lift and canopy all in conformance with the specifications. What constitutes a board meeting? FL August 25, Q: Every Monday, our board walks the condominium property and makes notes concerning maintenance and landscaping issues.

The board eventually votes on these notes at a meeting. We believe these routine inspections are critical.

Last week an owner yelled from her window that we were having an illegal meeting. Is this true and how should we do? A police report obtained by BocaNewsNow. Condo arson, dead cats, displaced residents. In one of your recent columns, you wrote about a new law that imposes term limits of eight years on condominium directors. FL August 19, Q: Must condo minutes be kept forever August 18, Q: I heard that a new law for condominium associations mandates that all the minutes of all meetings of the association must be permanently maintained.

Pete to condo residents: Petersburg high rise have been told they have three days to move out. City inspectors condemned Bridgeton North Condos after they discovered some serious engineering issues. Read the article……………… State regulator accused of hijacking condo association he was assigned to investigate FL August 17, The state is investigating one of its own now-former regulators after accusations that he abused his power at a condominium he was assigned to investigate, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation confirms.

Condo association wants city to enforce noise ordinance for Summer Fest FL August 14, A big jazz festival may have to shut down by 11 p. Children wanted to swim but were denied access. Minors had to be supervised, they were told. My next door neighbor wants to install a satellite dish on his house. I am worried that it will create an eyesore next to my home. Will my neighbor be able to install the satellite dish? My two sisters and I own a condominium unit together.

We each own one-third of the condominium unit. Can the board do this? FL August 11, Q: My neighbor built an herb garden in the back of her condominium unit. The fire started at about 5: The first arriving firefighters reported heavy fire on the upper floor and attic of the three-story building.

We have a posted rule at our pool stating that children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older. Renters are continuously letting their children use the pool without adult supervision.

There is a group of four to five children in elementary school that frequently use the pool, and sometimes they have a year old with them who stays on her phone.

The mom says that we are discriminating against There is some confusion when the president of my association is required to vote. Does the president vote whenever the rest of the directors vote on an issue, or is the president only supposed to vote in order to break a tie?

FL August 5, Q: Our community includes a semi-retired CPA. She still works for a few clients and our gate attendant has noticed an increase in visitors to her address that appear to be going to a business appointment. Can she do this? Read the article……………… Battle of the Brickell High-Rises: Debris, paint and concrete scattered at Brickell Ave.

Private Beaches In Florida Spark Battle With Residents And County (FL) September 10, Santa Rosa Beach, in Florida’s Walton County, is a quiet place with sugar-white sand, a pleasant surf and signs warning visitors to stay out. The largely rural county on Florida’s panhandle is at the center of a battle over one of the state’s most precious . The Amelia Island Trail, on Florida's northeastern coast, runs from Peters Point Beachfront Park to Amelia Island State Park in the city of Fernandina Beach.

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