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Where any of the terms defined in this Section are used in these design standards, the definition contained in this Section applies. Biochemical Oxygen Demand Defined The 5-day Biochemical Oxygen Demand BOD5 is defined as the amount of oxygen required to stabilize biodegradable organic matter under aerobic conditions within a five day period in accordance with Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater.

Total 5-day Biochemical Oxygen Demand TBOD5 is equivalent to BOD5 and is sometimes used in order to differentiate carbonaceous plus nitrogenous oxygen demand from strictly carbonaceous oxygen demand. Design Average BOD5 The design average BOD5 is generally the average of the organic load received for a continuous 12 month period for the design year expressed as weight per day. However, the design average BOD5 for facilities having critical seasonal high loading periods e.

Design Maximum Day BOD5 The design maximum day BOD5 is the largest amount of organic load to be received during a continuous 24 hour period expressed as weight per day. Projections shall be made from actual wasteload data to the extent possible.

Projections shall be compared to Paragraph Impact of industrial sources shall be documented. For projects with significant industrial contributions, evidence of adequate pretreatment strategies must be included along with documentation that industries are aware of the pretreatment limitations and user costs associated with the project. Documentation of the individual industrial participation in the project plan including user charges shall be provided. Septage and leachate may contribute significant organic load and other materials which can cause operational problems and non-compliance with NPDES permit limitations.

If septage or leachate are to be discharged to the wastewater treatment facility, consult the state regulatory agency and the Appendix, Handling and Treatment of Septage at a Wastewater Treatment Plant. Domestic waste treatment design shall be on the basis of at least 0. Where garbage grinders are commonly used in areas tributary to a domestic treatment plant, the design basis should be increased to 0. Refer to Paragraph Data from similar municipalities may be utilized in the case of new systems.

However, thorough investigation that is adequately documented shall be provided to the reviewing authority to establish the reliability and applicability of such data. Refer to Paragraphs All wastewater management alternatives considered, including no action, and the basis for the engineering judgement for selection of the alternatives chosen for detailed evaluation, should be included.

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