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Click here for more information about the following ads Current Postings on This Page Cha, the surgeon, would not be the doctor implanting the stent. We suggest that you, your husband, Dr. Cha and the interventional cardiologist discuss this issue together. Or at least Dr. Cha and the cardiologist should, to determine the risk involved. He was progressing well but the last 2 months he has been very weary and needs sleeps during the day to get some energy. He goes very gray in the face. Once he has had a rest he looks fine again for another couple of hours.

The operation was long 8hours on low oxygen, that has left Ray with no balance when standing and walking, hence he needs crutches to get about. The surgeon had to bypass up towards the shoulder before it settled as the vein kept breaking down.

Cha is amazed that my husband got through it He is to have a Stent procedure soon but Mr. Cha seemed worried to intervene. The worry is that if his veins are weak and the narrowing of the Artery is in the bypass where a stitch has slightly narrowed the artery Although he can see my husband has no quality of life right now.

Could you give us any advice on the Stent procedure please? As for getting another CABG, why would you do that? Do you have symptoms? Also not sure what a "preventative" CABG is. I am Ok and my TMT continues to be negative. I am also not diabetic. Some times I do get pain in the chest. I often confuse this with the cardiac.

Is there any remedy for this pain? I am getting desperate for some type of relief. I had 5 grafts of which two have collapsed. I have a hard time walking from my car to my office. My open heart surgery was in If you are having returning angina, shortness of breath SOB , etc. Even if only to reassure you that all is okay. Doctors admitted my surgery was successful and i was sent home, however since then i am experiencing severe pain on the left around the heart which sometimes runs down to my left wrist.

I do regular exercise and am careful with my diet. I am now short of breath as well and the pain is constant and comes so many times each day even when I am relaxed or seated. I am really depressed and disturbed mentally and physically and am unable to concentrate on my future. I am worried as i have a very young family.

Can some good friend with similar symptoms or a Medical Officer experienced in this syndrome please help me to do what is needed to get out of this and live a normal life. Have recently found out it was connected to a branch of the artery and not the artery it was supposed to be connected to.

Any others out there with this occurrence. Is the infection being treated? The life of a saphenous vein bypass graft, SVG which is taken from the leg, is about 10 years. His grafts obviously had more rapid progression of the disease possibly due to smoking. It may be possible to use angioplasty and stents to reopen these, or even re-open the native artery.

This is what happened with U. Perhaps you might want to accompany him to his appointment with the cardiologist so you understand better his situation and can provide support for his decision process. He was doing fine until his leg swelled up quite a lot. I am very worried, they told him at er that he has an infection. Please tell me what could have gone wrong.

He has stopped smoking. I have just moved in with him after dating him for three years. Please help me understand Cazz, London, U. I have continued to walk, hike and bicycle except for a few months in the dead of winter. Except for two years ago. I am now doing exercise classes to rebuild my muscles that atrophied after I was given Crestor and Zocor for about 8 years.

I felt so bad that i basically laid on a couch for 80 percent of my waking time. I quit Crestor and felt immediately better. I resumed my activities and have lost 30 lbs and regained much strength and balance. I am now rebuilding my life but concerned about how much damage the incorrect diagnosis did. Except tightness in chest I did not felt any other problem. I drive 4 W, no breathing problem. Thanks pain has not passed on to left side so far..

Is there any cure? That was the 5th stent into that artery. At same time saphenous vein graft was closing down and stent put in that. I have 6 months of symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue and xiphoid lower sternum pain but no angina. After 6 months it clears up ,then 6 months symptom free, then 6 months symptoms again. Same vein graft Doctor thinks it is too small for the area and it bends at 90 degrees pinching it shut.

More work on it they fear it may perforate. With other circumflex 6 stents make it impossible to do more. I exercise regularly but feel pain often after but not during. If I leave those 2 buggers closed cause they won;t stay open will I have a heart attack.

As for his swollen leg, not possible to tell what that might be, but we recommend seeing his cardiac surgeon or cardiologist to get specific help for these issues. He had a 3 x CABG 9 months ago. He complains about breathing problem at night and he has a swollen leg which has not cured yet. I have had 7 more heart attacks since then. My last one resulted in quad bypass in After recovery I still had problems, so a year later went in for a check up and due to results the DR.

The Doctor acts like I should be fine and everything should be normal, the depression and the fear that I am gonna drop dead at any moment consume my every thought. When I sleep I dream I"m having a heart attack. I am constantly fatigued and short of breath. I cant even do the simplest exercise. I feel so hopeless!!!!! Thank you for letting me share and vent.

Good luck to all of you that are having problems too. I had Quad heart bypass in Is this common to have pains again after bypass so soon? Has had chronic pain for the whole 7 yrs. He can touch the worse spot and press down and feel the pain. He says its right here and touches it. Been to every doctor looking for relief he has never returned to any kind of work due to the pain.

The only answers from doctors in TN is pain drugs which he is now addicted. He begs every day to get off the meds and find an answer. He can only lay on one side with out the pain and every doctor I called will not offer any option except pain medicine which is going to ruin his family or kill him. The wires were removed 3 years ago. Would like to hear anyone having problems with this type of bypass.

I also have a stent Xience from Abbott and am very fatigued. I walk every day but have no energy. It sounds like they are having some success with this drug-coated stent but am worried. I am 67 and also experience low grade fevers.

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