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Four years later, he befriended a local dog-catcher who lived in the same building as his family, and began accompanying him on his rounds. Although he was a good scholar, he later recollected his academic performance suffered due to the extensive physical violence he endured from his father. He frequently refused to return home from school. Both deaths were ruled by authorities as being accidental.

He also attempted to rape the same sister his father had earlier molested. He relocated to Koblenz , where he began a brief relationship with a prostitute two years his senior who, he claimed, willingly submitted to every form of sexual perversion he demanded of her. He was released from prison in August and reverted to the life of petty crime he had lived before his arrest.

If this attack did take place, the victim likely survived this assault. He also freely admitted these fires had been committed both for his sexual excitement and in the hopes of burning sleeping tramps alive. I had been stealing, specialising in public bars or inns where the owners lived on the floor above. Her head was facing the window. I seized it with my left hand and strangled her for about a minute and a half.

The child woke up and struggled but lost consciousness I heard the blood spurt and drip on the mat beside the bed. It spurted in an arch, right over my hand. The whole thing lasted about three minutes. He strangled the child, then slashed her twice across the throat with a pocket knife, ejaculating as he heard the blood dripping from her wounds onto the floor by her bed.

On 13 February, he murdered a year-old mechanic named Rudolf Scheer in the suburb of Flingen Nord , stabbing him 20 times, particularly about the head, back and eyes. Furthermore, the seemingly random selection of these victims led criminologists to remark as to the abnormal nature of the perpetrator.

All three were seriously wounded, and all stated to police their assailant had not spoken a word to them before he had attacked them. Schulte survived her injuries, although she was unable to provide investigators with a clear description of her assailant, beyond assuming his age to be around With assistance from surrounding police forces, each lead was painstakingly pursued.

As a result of this collective investigation into the killings, more than 9, individuals were interviewed, [62] 2, other clues painstakingly pursued [63] and a list of , different names were compiled upon an official potential suspect list. Budlick agreed to follow this individual, although she became apprehensive when this man attempted to lead her through a scarcely populated park.

The pair began to argue, whereupon another man approached the duo, asking whether Budlick was being pestered by her companion. When Budlick nodded, the individual with whom she had been arguing simply walked away. As such, the letter was opened at the post office by a clerk on 19 May. Furthermore, he was to meet her outside St.

Rochus church later that day. Nonetheless, he was adamant he had not tortured any of his child victims. Berg that his primary motive in committing any form of criminal activity was one of sexual pleasure, and that he had begun to associate sexual excitement with violent acts and the sight of blood via indulging in both day-dreams and masturbation fantasies particularly when he had been isolated from human contact.

Berg that once he had committed an attack or murder, the feeling of tension he experienced before the commission of the crime would be superseded by one of relief. Often after the hammer blows the bleeding victims moved and struggled, just as they did when they were throttled.

He also confessed that many of his later strangulation victims had only survived his attacks because he had achieved an orgasm in the early throes of the assault.

Berg and legal examiners that his primary motive in all his criminal activities was to both "strike back at [an] oppressive society" for what he considered the injustice of his being repeatedly incarcerated throughout his life, and as a form of revenge for the neglect and abuse he had endured as a child. He was charged with nine counts of murder and seven of attempted murder, and was tried before Presiding Judge Dr. The sight of the flames excited me, but above all, it was the excitement of the attempts to extinguish the fire and the agitation of those who saw their property being destroyed.

Never have I felt any misgiving in my soul; never did I think to myself that what I did was bad, even though human society condemns it. My blood and the blood of my victims must be on the heads of my torturers The punishments I have suffered have destroyed all my feelings as a human being.

That was why I had no pity for my victims. As to whether recollection of my deeds makes me feel ashamed, I will tell you [that] thinking back to all the details is not at all unpleasant. I rather enjoy it. I have done many wrongs; have been unfaithful over and over again.

My wife has never done any wrong. Even when she heard of the many prison sentences I have served, she said: In response, one of these experts, Dr. On 22 April, the jury retired to consider their verdict. They deliberated for under two hours before reaching their verdict: He was also found guilty of seven counts of attempted murder. All these requests were granted. He ordered Wiener Schnitzel , a bottle of white wine, and fried potatoes. Prison staff decided to grant his request.

That would be the pleasure to end all pleasures. Karl Berg in and proved to be the first psychological study conducted upon a sexual serial killer.

Search for the best flight prices from Manchester to Dusseldorf. Compare prices, book today and save money with Manchester Airport. Peter Kurten ([?pe?t? ?ky??t?n]; 26 May 2 July ) was a German serial killer known as both The Vampire of Dusseldorf and the Dusseldorf Monster, who committed a series of murders and sexual assaults between February and November in the city of the years before these assaults and murders, Kurten had amassed a .

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