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I am indecisive, never make plans and rarely get out of bed before midday at the weekend. I enjoy nights in and nights out: Find a way to package and explain that in a creative, engaging way. I am indecisive, never make plans and rarely get out of bed before midday at the weekend Looking for my partner in crime: Before we depart on this illegal odyssey perhaps we should figure out what kind of crime we will be getting our kicks to.

A bit of cheeky fraud? Or perhaps breaking and entering is your date of choice. Is there someone who loves to cry? If you love to cry as well, please reach out so we can cry together. Do you also think puppies are cute? We should stop announcing it as if it makes us unique and be a bit more imaginative.

Work hard but play harder: Sometimes I go to the pub on a weeknight. I am your future stalker. But it does hint at emotional neediness. We are all looking for a good match, and that person who makes you laugh and lights your fire, but in the 21st century it sounds a little naive to be talking of soul mates. People who need to describe themselves as crazy, zany, or any of the above are usually none of those things.

Show people that you are fun by talking about your interests and what makes you tick. Simply describing yourself as crazy just makes you seem the opposite. How did we get to the Middle Ages all of a sudden? You might as well just say: Dating expert Sarah Beeney said: How NOT to describe yourself on an online dating site.

Apr 12, How to Answer "Tell Me Something About Yourself" in a Job Interview. Job interviews are often full of vague, sometimes frustrating questions. One you've likely heard multiple times is the dreaded "Tell me something about yourself" 93%(27). You have no idea how far a tiny bit of eloquence can get you in the world of online dating. Do you like hiking? Dont just say I like to hike. Aim just a bit higher and say something like, I love the serenity of standing atop a huge mountain, watching the horizon expand before me. Ask yourself, when you edit your online dating.

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