Bf3 matchmaking not working

Now the loyal subscribers are being disrespected. Call me whatever names you want, IDC but I think the customers deserve answers to their questions. And with the way this game is heading under King of bullshit Keith, it is getting harder and harder to defend.

Even Darth Jiinx must be finding it tough to defend this constant stream of bullshit by them. You will find that most times, BW Austin, including that eternal fucktard Musco, answer questions where the person asking said question, lavishes praise on these fuckwits before answering their fluff question.

New players, long time players, players bordering on quitting or players that quit in disgust deserve many questions answered by this utterly inept dev studio. Sadly, getting said answers is a different story and it is a story that does not have a happy ending when this studio is involved.

As much as I hate EA as much as just about most peeps , I will admit the day they close down Bioware and by extension BW Austin, I will actually congratulate EA for finally letting this zombiefied Remanent of the original Bioware, that once great studio, finally die. I never meant to put words in your mouth. Again, I agree that there are legitimate concerns that they should be addressing.

Hopefully, we get more info in the next two weeks. Basically, the real issue is that BW is currently failing to address the concerns of subscribers, while also giving a little gift to newer players. Rompe Himself Where was the tie in for so many past Star Wars events the last few years?

Not til nearly a year later did they release a saber similar to Emo Vader, I mean Kylo Ren and a regen to go with his emoness. The best this studio can do is offer the same shit droid pet with a new color scheme every year for May 5th.

Just like the direct sale items on the CM, BW Austin have nothing left to offer new players or anyone for that matter, except for old shit. What was old is new once again in Bioware land. Third, if you have real intellect about the companies and how these issues are not appealing to the customers of SWTOR, then let me save you the trouble. Electronic Arts EA , that is the real target that you want to keep your comments brief and accurate about whom to blame and what to speak negatively about.

If you have payed ANY attention to what BW Austin has been doing for the last three damn years now, you might have noticed they have more than earned a TON of dreck for the crap they have tried to sell us over and over.

Sure EA deserves blame, no question. Also this may come as a surprise to you but people are allowed to express their opinions, even as stupid as those still defending BW. Guillermo Are you playing the game? So, why are you complaining about if you have nothing to do with the game have any sort of relations with it?

Over all, do exactly the most logical way to fix something that does not appeal to your desire, own part of the company or have nothing to do with it at all. Paulo Gomes You guys crack me up. So this is the new argument? If you really want to do something about it, buy the company? Let me clue you in on a little secret: We want a proper Star Wars game. One where we can have FUN. Something these guys as in Bioware have failed to deliver. What is it now? One that is a comercial success?

They are responsible for this failure. Granted, EA may have a share of the blame. But if EA made the ball, Bioware ran with it. Did you know we spoke out at the right time against it? Granted, this speeder business is of little importance. But I expect a lot more of this stuff to come. I will be laughing my ass off when the HK episode appears on sale on the Cartel Market. HMH The 8 people still posting in the official forums on the reg are still very much rabid about keeping their shinny exclusives out of any others filthy mitts.

Guillermo You are making a lot of assumptions and you seem to brag a lot in your comment on how you are trying to sound right about the situation with the company at hand. Over all, do yourself a favor and either buy part of the company or log off and something better ,than to constantly try to prove a point by capping your sentences like some loud person. I love it when brain cramps like you stand up and proclaim in a whimpy little voice your displeasure and then, right at the end, you shoot your whole argument to pieces.

See here is the rub. BW Austin provides the material to comment on their many idiotic decisions, changes and lack of support for this game.

Oh did I forget their constant lying and outright bullshit? See if my comments were hateful, believe me princess, I could write far more harsher stuff like Ben Gimson did in another thread, where he hoped for a mass shooting in the EA board room. But that is neither my style nor desire.

To me, you are a simpleton, trying to hold a conversation with an adult for which you have little to no understanding about what is going on. Now onto your utterly idiotic points: Is this how you solve every issue? Save up to buy the problem? Wow, how did Natural selection pass you by? How do you even get changed in the morning without burning the whole neighborhood down?

See, even if I had the money, buying BW Austin would change nothing. They are the cause, not EA. It is BW Austin who are making the changes to this game that has killed the population. That was all BW Austin. You know, studios that make and maintain quality games. But sure, if you think buying out BW Austin will save this game, you go right ahead and believe that idiotic dream.

First of all, I am perfectly calm in what I type here or any other website. I do not need to bathe in hyperbole like you chump change. You see this website? It is hosted by the epic Dulfy in providing information on various games she plays. Now look deeper and see how she also allows comments on said posts. Now, your opinion such as it is, would ring true if say Dulfy made rules on what could and could not be said in comments and I was in breach of whatever the rules would be.

She lets peeps have their say and you will see that there are many peeps on here with great thoughts and feedback. See, besides people like you who want to attack the person commenting rather then the actual issue at hand, there is pretty much a near unanimous opinion shared that SWTOR is going to hell in a hand basket while the king of bullshit Keith continues to lie to everyone. The same cannot be said for how utterly devoid of intellect or even rational thought your post had.

And newsflash Chump change, the majority of peeps here have expressed their opinion and feedback to BW Austin when they were subbed or when they quit and you know what that got them for expressing it directly to BW Austin? BW Austin do not listen. So sorry chump change, all of us who were subbed, tried to voice our concerns and we were either ignored or said comments deleted from the forums.

And we were not the only ones. Look how decimated the player base is today and it continues to bleed terribly.

Does BW Austin think maybe they need to start listening? BW Austin Yeah I could make this list so much longer but even with your stunted intellect, perhaps you can see a pattern here. Sure EA has cut back their funding but it was BW Austin that has made many changes to this game that has ruined it for so many players and are so arrogant and stupid to not say mea culpa and reverse course. These changes made peeps quit, EA saw this and decided to put their money into things and studios that can make the right sort of games and decisions like their show pony DICE.

See when SOR came out, EA was all over this game with funding which is why we got a great meaty expansion back in 3. Then a few devs quit or moved within BW for that other Bioware train wreck called Andromeda and what we have left are peeps who are so lazy and hopeless, that this game cannot be saved while in the hands of BW Austin, a studio created solely for the purpose of maintaining this game.

Put this game in the hands of competent devs and watch how this game would rise again like a phoenix. But instead, EA has lost all faith in BW Austin as have most peeps and rightfully so, when they continue to make stupid decision after stupid decision whilst never learning from it.

For example, this reply to how stupid your opinion is and how wrong on so many levels it was. This does not make me hateful or an idiot. I will let this pic sum it up for you and your utterly foolish post and perhaps next time, you can swallow your hyperbole, get off your high chair and really think about what was said and the facts behind it: All the best Chump change. Yours truly, Rompe Himself P. I wonder if your one and only up vote is from your actual account lol.

Guillermo Wow, you really put a lot of effort onto your comment about the game, the company of EA, Austin Bioware, and now me? Rompe Himself You are talking about the one and only studio in the world BW Austin, that announces a server merge due to a decimated game population, as new content. They know nothing but recycling and reskinning.

One job, and they failed. I have never seen that pic. Here you go good sir, you earned it. That the promotion is only for new players and they give a shit about the veterans or? Nico was a reward for being subscribed for a pre-determined amount of time. So was the speeder, I know.

Jan 31, The matchmaking is seriously not working. Pinning newbs against vets is getting tiresome. Even the experienced players are having trouble with it. this game just keeps looking better and better, some more favorable articles were posted overnight along with more footage. who is onboard, anybody still on the.

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