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Residents need to speak up about project To the Editor on August As residents directly impacted by this proposed ambitious project, we sent a letter expressing our concerns to the Planning Board, the Mayor, and the Code Enforcement Officer of Watkins Glen prior to the Planning Board meeting of August 15, At that meeting, although Mr.

The latter is sorely lacking in Watkins Glen. The representative also pointed out that there are some unused spaces at Jefferson Village, but this violates the code by which Jefferson Village was built.

The issue of the three-story proposed building, which is in violation of current zoning laws allowing two stories, was not addressed. Our letter indicated our views that the project does not meet the needs of the community at the proposed site according to the business transition zoning laws. Services will be overloaded as well with a building of this magnitude.

Apparently there was a written response to the board by the involved parties about our concerns; however, this was not made public when requested. We were told at the meeting we could voice our opinions at the public hearing, but no one could tell us when that would be.

We feel the decision will already have been made prior to the public hearing, so the point may be moot. Village officials seem to be providing a great deal of double-talk, and not for the greater good of the Village. Residents need to speak up and not wait until this project is approved and underway.. To the Editor on August They wanted and received letters of support, which included several from people who do not live or pay taxes in the town.

My main question to the town board is this: Who will maintain all of this? Will it be the town, and at what expense to the taxpayers? Who will mow it, dispose of garbage, maintain bathrooms, maintain roads?

How about parking, security, insurance, legal fees? How will large numbers of cars get down the narrow park road for the tournaments the Schuyler County Adult Softball League plans on having there?

Will we as taxpayers be footing the bill when we cannot afford to fix our roads? The town needs a new excavator because the old one is broken and we cannot afford to replace it. The town will need new plow trucks, but we have no money -- but we can spend frivolously on ball fields for the Schuyler County Adult Softball League?

We are most likely looking at a tax raise coming up in order to maintain our roads. Why make the increase more by throwing in the costly maintenance of 10 acres of ball field? We have not been mowing the roadsides for road safety in the Town of Catharine all summer because we have no mower and cannot afford a new one. So how can we mow 10 acres of ball fields?

The town needs to focus on maintaining our roads and making sure the highway department has the funding to do so -- which right now it does not. Then the taxpayers will be paying more. Sure, this grant is a lot of money and it seems like we are getting a lot for free, but it is just like a free puppy. We all know a free puppy is never free!

It is with great sadness that I read about the demise of the Michael Watson Wrestling Tournament, an enormously successful annual winter-season athletic activity in the Watkins Glen community. For more than two decades this event, formerly the Watkins Glen Invitational Wrestling Tournament, showcased the very top high school wrestlers from the Southern Tier and from around New York State in general, and even attracted out-of-state teams as well. This tournament -- named for a long-time beloved Health Teacher and coach -- transcended a typical school event, becoming a true community celebration.

Teams would arrive at Watkins Glen High School on Friday and remain through Sunday, filling local motels and spending time and resources at local restaurants as well. Veteran teachers will remember having their classrooms utilized as "Team Rooms" during those weekends, and hallways filled with athletes, coaches, parents and spectators.

Before his arrival in Watkins Glen, the wrestling team had experienced only three winning seasons from During his coaching tenure his wrestling teams compiled a record of with undefeated seasons in and In addition to coaching wrestling, he also coached cross country, soccer and track.

When it came to recruiting athletes, he was a true "Pied Piper" -- inspiring and motivating athletes to excel and to consistently do their best. I remember with fondness his publication called "Mat Chat" -- always delightful! And he was the best leader for "Simon Says" that Sports Day ever had! The "Michael Watson Wrestling Tournament" may be on hiatus for a while, but I suspect interest in wrestling will return sometime in the near future -- and once again Mike Watson will be honored and remembered for his positive contributions to the history and tradition that is the Watkins Glen High School.

On Sunday, August 5, , we expect a large volume of traffic on County Route 16 because of the large influx of cars coming to the race circuit. As a result, it is necessary that we use County Route 16 as one-way traffic with three lanes of traffic going from State Route to Gate 2 of the Race Track, and two lanes of traffic from Townsend Road to Kuhl Winner Way. This will start at around 6: It was necessary to make this a part of our traffic pattern due to the growth of persons attending the event, as has been seen over the past several years.

If you are attending church services, shopping or going to Watkins Glen, and you live along this route, it is advisable if you live between C. This traffic is expected to last for more than 3 hours. There will also be one-way traffic, two lanes, going down Kuhl Winner Way from gate 6 to State Route Plans are in place with Emergency Services to respond to emergencies during the egress period for the safety of the residents in that area.

We apologize for any inconvenience this traffic pattern may cause you, but it is necessary for us to move a large volume of traffic in the shortest period of time for the safety of everyone.

Please remember that these times are approximate and can change due to weather. Traffic patterns on Monday will be normal, but there will be a large volume of traffic leaving the race track that day also, so delays will occur.

If you have any problems, please call me at Considering the amazing chance I was given to not just walk again, but to run in races like the Chicago Marathon, I feel a sense of duty to help raise awareness and funds for the organization that proved so instrumental during my spinal cord injury recovery.

The Schuyler County community was incredibly supportive after my accident and has continued to be an incredible support network over the last 11 years. If the idea works out, it will likely mean less ice, result in fewer falls on sidewalks and cut down on the use of salt that bedevils all our vehicles. Kudos to the Village Board for signing on to this possibility.

My husband and I were board members at the time the Association was incorporated and received its c 3 charitable status. From inception the awarding of scholarships, giving recognition to distinguished alumni and lending guidance in order to sustain the Alumni Banquet were guiding forces.

Scholarship Fund tax deductible to support its efforts in that regard. Each graduating class hosts the year banquet. I do not know when the School Board, in its wisdom, removed those attendance practices. However, it has been long enough that graduates are not even aware the banquet exists. The 93rd Banquet will be June 22, I do not know how students now accumulate credits for special events, or if they even do. In days gone by our major fundraiser was the sale of Race Programs.

If there are any faculty members or students interested in reviving support for banquet participation, I believe it would be a project well worth pursuing with the School Board.

Its website contains substantial public information as well as various application materials Thank you for your time in reading this. I hope it generates some positive action.

This is possibly the most ridiculous waste of taxpayer money I have ever heard of. Anyone who can possibly think this is a good idea must think "grant money" grows on trees. I know I will hear that this will not cost "local" taxpayers anything, but where does this money come from? It comes from other taxpayers across the U.

Would you want your money to go to Flagstaff, AZ for a similar program? Next is the future cost of maintaining and heating this addition to our community. I am pretty sure it would be done by increasing village taxes or increasing our utility bills.

I hope this idea is shelved. We are proud of our accomplishments. However, none of it could have occurred without the help and financial support of previous graduates of Watkins High. The membership of the Association is crucial to what we do. At this time we have paid members. We hope to bring that number to at least. The Alumni Banquet is paid for completely by the Banquet admission price. The Association Board consists of volunteers and we keep operational costs to a minimum!

Please go to our website -- watkinsglenalumni. While on the website, browse through the photos and info on our yearly scholarship recipients.

They have made us all proud. Then allow yourself to be amazed while browsing through the outstanding accomplishments of our 16 Distinguished Alumni. We think you will be pleased, either as Watkins Alumni or simply as community residents, to see what your Watkins Glen High School Alumni Association stands for.

Please join us in our efforts.

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