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Since then, the company has grown to more than 2, locations in 46 states. We neither confirm nor dispute this franchisees opinions What do you think? I will be sending this out every two days to different news publications until it is posted.

You might want to think twice. But if your dream is to own your own business, be your own boss, and answer to no one then this franchise is not for you. You maybe the owner on paper, but you are not left with any of your own decisions and you are more like a manager that has paid hundreds of thousands to run a business for someone else. You paid for a job! The corporation has lost interest in helping its franchisees and is more focused on them making as much money off the franchisees instead.

This has gotten so bad that a bunch of the franchisees have powered together and formed a franchise association. As long as they are making money they do not care how it affects you as the owner. Most of the time you buy into a franchise for the support, but all they are about is negativity. There are owners that are selling their stores within even there first year, they are taking a loss so they can walk away from this.

Training You want to open a store you have to have at least 3 certified managers upon opening. They must be trained at the only training location in the United States which is in Champaign, Illinois and have to go there for a couple weeks.

You will have to pay these employees to go to this training, but also their hotel stay, rental car, airline tickets, and food money as well. There is also the franchise fee you have to pay to send these trainees. They will send your employee home if they fail some owners might even have stores that are in marijuana legal states and you are out of this money already spent on their travels. The only exclusion from this is if your employee is from a state that does not allow drug testing.

Makes no sense, these are not their employees. Your managers are there for two to three weeks and during this time there they are not trained on how to be a manager, instead they concentrate on things that would just make a better employee better. Instead they work on your meat slicing, cleaning, and sandwich making capabilities. Any of these things which could be learned at your store and save you thousands of dollars. The worst thing is that once that employee comes back, if you have to fire them or they quiet you have to send another person as you now are required to have two per store.

While the manager is at this training, you also may have to worry about your employee suing you. Illinois has very little labor laws in regards to employee rest periods breaks. They also make them work lots of hours, more then what some owners may require…so you will be paying them lots of overtime.

Last, these managers can lose their certification as well if they have to take long period of time off, or do not work an opening shift and closing shift 5 days a week. Get ready to shell out more money. Even though this is pretty much all you do in training to be certified in Illinois you have to prove it first at the store.

If they fail which could be just from your Business coach having a bad day you may have to wait over a month before the business coach will be out again.

You could have 2 certified managers for years and then lose one, but at that time you cannot get anything out of corporate until you get your two certified managers in place. This is even more greatly on holidays. You are only allowed to be closed 3 days of the year- Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. There are several stores that spend more money on labor then what they make for that day.

Lots of locations have busy seasons and would make sense to be open longer and later during those, and shorter or earlier on the slow days. Jimmy Johns only cares about the royalties in which they receive so if you are getting sales they are happy with that. Even though the price maybe cheaper somewhere else you have to purchase it from them.

There are also some supplies that you have to purchase that the brand is just not large enough to purchase in mass quantity so the price is too expensive. My guess is not, but it cost the franchisee almost twice the cost than normal. All the tile is stamped with the logo on the back, why….? You must purchase a point of sales system only have one company, no options.

System is out dated, does little for you on developing your store. You also have to pay a monthly fee for them as well that is more then what most pay for way better systems. Credit card processing is another big issue. They now have the new compliance issue PCI which means all the stores are having to buy new machines and being forced to buy it because you have to have it to be compliant with new regulations.

Being that it is required, they can charge what they want. These machines are also garbage. You are lucky if you get a credit card transaction to go through in under 20 seconds. This company is full of it. Does not matter if your numbers are up and your rocking it. Instead these business coaches are more like an evil step mother with a chip on their shoulder.

They are also known for belittling the owners and their staff. You can be doing something one way for years, but then all of a sudden you get marked down for it. Most companies have plaques on their walls about how well their stores is 5 stars, or gold store , but not here. I have not even seen another store myself get it. You could do one thing wrong and suddenly marked down in several categories.

Some owners stopped caring about scores because they are ridiculous, but others that are still growing their company and trying to open more stores get slowed down and denied stores because of their score. You will be saying this a lot. Here are some examples: I guess he does not care what the customer thinks Lemons for tea — NO, not approved. Who serves ice tea and has no lemons. So, they have yellow mustard for sandwiches but you have to put it on yourself as the customer.

Jimmy is so focused on being fast. Other companies not restaurants are offering food delivery like Uber eats and are popping up and taking business and to whom are they delivering to? To people that want food that is not normally delivered to them. But, hey were fast.

Napkins — Sorry, we hide those on our side…To afraid customers will take to many of one of the lowest costs we have. Sugar, equal, sweet n low — Sorry, we are not allowed to have it out for you to see.

We do carry it but hide it as well. Even though this is a ADA violation in some cities. We were told back some time ago that they were working on a chicken bacon ranch. They have been testing it for a really long time. But even with what they are testing they: Taking way too long to come up with recipe. Product they have been testing is labor intensive. The recipe they are testing is not even chicken Bacon ranch, its just chicken….

Chicken does not have much flavor unless its paired with a sauce or seasoning, something Jimmy does not carry. Somebody forgot to tell him were here for the customer, not him.

There is 2 kinds of spicy mustard, but nothing sweet. Even though years ago, owners were carrying these and not having issues, until told by the corporation to get rid of them. Why are throwing away my bread? Difficult Menu — The menu is difficult as well for new and old customers. Clubs are a sub for some reason. Definition of Club from google: This is not real, feels fake to the customer. Sometimes even scares the customer. Customers can since fakeness.

Kids sandwich — Even though children help decide were a majority of families eat. There is not option for little kids. All of these issues above are things resulting from someone having a positive experience and turning it into a negative experience. Then you have to try and win the customers back. Customers can go to most sandwich shops and easily get most of the things above except delivery and this has become quite the norm for customers to expect. Need to listen to the customers.

Listen to your customers maybe.

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