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It targets points of acceptable and appropriate behavior manners towards a Domme. It is of course, written from a Dominant perspective, and based on my discussions with numerous other lifestyle Dommes. This code of behavior soon spread to other European courts and eventually was adopted by the upper classes throughout the Western world. In general, etiquette was developed as a means of breaching differences to allow communication from a common starting point.

Socially acceptable activities included chaperoned public and family functions, which may or may not have led to private visitations. Conventions of protocol were strictly adhered to. Whether the ratio is 1: If you are seriously searching for a female Dominant partner, start thinking of ways that you could make yourself appealing to her.

However, I have yet to meet another Domme who is not pleased by a submissive who is honest, self-assured and polite. In addition, intelligence, a sense of humor and a genuine desire to submit, are highly sought after qualities. In keeping with that, it is helpful to know some rules about how to behave in certain situations, if only because this makes life more comfortable for you and makes you more self-confident. A submissive that ascribes to the following basic rules of good behavior and demonstrates a measure of social grace, may find the quest for a compatible female Dominant, somewhat less challenging.

This pertains to any information you share or representation that you make of yourself. If you approach a Domina whose needs and desires are different from your own, accept those differences, do not try to manipulate her into changing her standards.

By the same token, do not go against your own principles. Have self-respect and be confident. Strong and submissive are not contradictions. If you want to meet a Dominant woman, you have to attract her attention. If you are very shy get a friend to introduce you and perhaps initially stay around to keep the conversation going. Act in a way that gives a Dominant confidence in you, your abilities, desire to submit and sincerity. Present your best qualities, without being conceited.

A sense of humor can always serve you well under these circumstances, and at the very least, remember to smile. Conversational skills are important. Approach a Dominant politely, with confidence, and a sense of calm.

Introduce yourself, make some small talk, and then go away. Conversely, do not play the doormat expecting to be swept off your feet with witty repartee, but contributing nothing. Be patient and allow the natural process of rapport building to develop. It can take some submissives years to find a compatible Dominant partner. Just as you have the right to be choosy in selecting a partner, so does the Domme.

Do not pester her because you find her interesting. Treat her with respect and courtesy. Just because she is Dominant, does not mean she is under any obligation to use her talents in the Dominant arts on you. If a lady rebuffs your advances, or does not respond to them, take it with dignity, do not respond rudely. There is no need to badmouth or disparage a Domina who has turned you down. Doing so, will simply earn you a reputation of being impolite.

If you want to leave a lasting, positive impression, thank her for her time and consideration and ask that she might keep you in mind for the future. A point on sending notes or letters of introduction. If not, give up. Do unto others as you would have done to yourself. The rules of engagement should be and are the same as in any other social or business setting.

No one owes you his or her attention. The advantage of this medium is that through profiles, homepages, other postings and participating in chatrooms and newsgroups, you can often glean some insights about an individual, before approaching her. Avoid two common mistakes. First, do not approach a Dominant who is not interested in the same things you are. As stated before, we network. And for the record, spelling and grammar do count. Being a novice, and admitting it, is not a bad thing.

We all started somewhere. Conversely, if you are experienced, you may be a wonderful teacher to a novice Dominant, or be able to parlay your knowledge into a common ground for communication. But, do not overstate or understate your knowledge. Do not disrespect a Dominant by assuming you know what is best for her, or assume you know what she wants to hear.

Be informed and know yourself. Dominants are not libraries, nor are we therapists, counselors or social workers. It is not our job to tease apart what your desires, fetishes and kinks are. There is nothing wrong with having fetishes and acting on them; but know what they are and what it is you are looking for and are realistically able to offer. Educate yourself, put some work into determining who you are and what it is you are so willing to give.

Our role is not to define your desires and limits, but to work within them, expand them and explore beyond, WITH you. For many perhaps even most our chosen role has very little to do with sex, and relates to a power exchange between two consenting adults. Do-Me submissives are selfish, controlling, and annoying. Being pushy, rude, rash, or overly forward with a Dominant, you will most likely lose you the chance to ever partner with her.

Dominant women are not public utilities; just because a woman is dominant, does not mean she is YOUR Dominant. Dominant women range from ugly to beautiful, just like women in general.

As a matter of fact, just as men, in general. If looks are really that important to your happiness in a scene be prepared to look for a long time, or be willing to pay a professional who has the looks that you want. While you are at it, take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are really worthy of such expectations yourself.

Think of it this way: Proper decorum once accepted for a private meeting includes, being polite, punctual, and well-groomed. You may bring flowers, if she likes them, but red roses are inappropriate for a first encounter. Perhaps, take a walk together; maybe get coffee, and even lunch together.

Send her a note of thanks for the fine company, perhaps call on the phone to ask if you may visit again, and leave it up to her.

You probably still have competition for her attention, so keep your best foot forward. Getting to know a Dominant woman goes in degrees, at a pace dictated by her needs and interests. Ultimately practice will prepare you for meeting the right partner. Remember to use common sense, maintain perspective, and be polite.

No one owes anyone else his or her dominance or his or her submission. Patience and a sense of humor are definite attributes for a submissive. Lastly, never forget that you too may discover that the Dominant is not to your liking or standards, and you always have the right and option to withdraw from any phase of the relationship.

After all, ours is a lifestyle of mutuality, safety, sanity and consent. Erika this essay appears on many websites.

Feb 25, аи I have to go on personal experience on this one, but I have seen a lot of "female led" relationships do pretty well. Both of my parents are remarried and the woman makes most of the decisions in both cases (managing money, deciding vacations, running the household, deciding what to do in their free time together). The official home page of About FLR - the largest and most credible site in the world for female led relationships.

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